Monday, 4 October 2010

Benefits of Paraben Free Toiletries and Cosmetics.

So why is it a good idea to use paraben free cosmetics and toiletries? And what are parabens anyway? Well, parabens are chemicals used in cosmetics and foods as a preservative.  Parabens are derived from a chemical called benzoic acid  that are found in plants.  Because parabens are preservatives they are put into cosmetics and toiletries to improve their shelf life, which is a great benefit to the manufacturers and retailers. 

So what is the problem with parabens?  Parabens have been used for many years and been regarded as reasonably safe, but in recent years it has been suggested that parabens can be one of the contributing factors in the development of the disease cancer, especially parabens in anti-perspirant raising the risks of breast cancer.

To find out more about why parabens could be a danger in skin care products, read this informative article on the benefits of paraben free cosmetics and whether there are any natural alternatives to use as preservatives in cosmetics.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Eating Cherries and Drinking Cherry Juice - The Health Benefits

There are so many health supplements and articles on healthy eating available today, that it is no wonder that we get confused and wonder what are really the best things to eat to stay healthy.  Well research has shown that drinking tart cherry juice and eating cherries, provides you with powerful anitoxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The deep red colour of the cherry is provided courtesy of very powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins, that help to protect our bodies from disease and infections, and can all help to slow down ageing. Anthocyanins are also strong, natural anti-inflammatories, so drinking tart cherry juice or eating cherries can also help to ease the pain of arthritis.

All cherries contain anthocyanins, but they are present in a much greater concentration in tart or Montmorency cherries, along with vitamin C, folates, magnesium and fibre.  Because this cherry juice is not sweet, it is drunk diluted with water, and is taken by athletes to help reduce muscle soreness after playing sport and to help keep their joints healthy.

Drinking cherry juice can also help with insomnia, help to protect you from heart disease, improve your immune system, help to protect you from developing gout.

So read the full Hub on the health benefits of cherry juice and cherries, to find out more vital information

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

How to Treat Corns and Foot Calluses

Our feet are very important to us, but do we really give our feet the pampering and attention that they need?  Corns and foot calluses are some of the very common problems that we experience with our feet and it is great to know how to go about treating corns and foot calluses at home.

Both corns and calluses are areas of skin on our feet that have thickened and hardened, with calluses typically being larger areas of hardened foot skin. You can also develop soft corns between the toes, where the thickened skin of the corn is kept soft by the sweating between the toes. Corns and foot calluses are unsightly and can become painful if not dealt with.  Corns and calluses can be caused by several things, like ill-fitting footwear and anything else that can cause friction on the skin of the foot.

There are various methods of removing corns and calluses at home, ranging from electric callus removers, pumice stones, rasps, liquid callus removers and corn pads.

So read all of the interesting Hub to find out which would be the best method of treating your corn or foot calluses at home

What Are The Symptoms of Strokes

Strokes are one of the common causes of death and can also leave survivors with major ongoing health problems.  But how many of us would recognise the symptoms of a stroke and know what to do?

Alison Graham has written a very informative Hub that outlines all the major symptoms of stokes and what the best course of action is.  Some of the major symptoms are problems with speech, sudden vision problems, weakness in the arms, severe headaches, dizziness, confusion and a drooping mouth or eye on the face.  Getting treatment quickly is imperative, so if you experience any of these symptoms of stroke, or recognise them in a friend or colleague, you need to seek medical treatment urgently.

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Improve Your Immune System with Smoothie Ingredients

Our immune systems protect our bodies from disease and from developing infections, so it make sense to look after our immune system and giving it a boost when we can.  One of the ways to give our immune systems a much needed helping hand is to drink smoothies containing ingredients that are brilliant for boosting our immune systems.

Alison Graham has written a brilliant Hub on what smoothie ingredients are best for helping us to fight off infections and stay as healthy as possible. These immune-boosting ingredients include goji berries, citrus fruits, probiotics, blueberries, cantaloupe melon, green tea, blackberries, strawberries and spinach.  All of these natural ingredients are full of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your immune system needs to help protect you from the viruses, bacteria and toxins that can invase your body.

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Health Benefits of Saffron

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world to buy and has been used in cooking and as a food colouring since ancient times.  But did you know that taking saffron also helps to improve your health, and has also been used since antiquity as a medicinal spice?

Saffron is packed full of antioxidants and traditionally it has been used to treat depression and tumours. Saffron encourages the flow of oxygen and helps to prevent the death of the cells in your body. Perhaps the most exciting health benefit of saffron is that is can help to alleviate age-related macular degeneration or AMD, which is the most common cause of loss of vision in the elderly. Research has shown that the vision of people suffering from AMD improved after taking saffron supplements, and it is thought that the saffron has an effect on the amount of fat stored in the eyes and contributes to making the vision cells in the eyes stronger.

Read the whole  Hub to find out more about the health benefits of saffron - the costliest spice!

What Are The Different Types of Massage Therapy?

Well, as this blog is about pampering and health, there is no way that there could not be at least one article on massage!  Having a massage must be the ultimate pampering experience and is great for both your physical and emotional health.

Sandyspider has written a wonderful hub on massage therapy that looks at all of the most popular types of massage therapy. So read this great article to find out the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy Massage and Swedish Massage. This very informative hub also looks at the differences between acupressure and other forms of massage.

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