Tuesday, 14 September 2010

How to Treat Corns and Foot Calluses

Our feet are very important to us, but do we really give our feet the pampering and attention that they need?  Corns and foot calluses are some of the very common problems that we experience with our feet and it is great to know how to go about treating corns and foot calluses at home.

Both corns and calluses are areas of skin on our feet that have thickened and hardened, with calluses typically being larger areas of hardened foot skin. You can also develop soft corns between the toes, where the thickened skin of the corn is kept soft by the sweating between the toes. Corns and foot calluses are unsightly and can become painful if not dealt with.  Corns and calluses can be caused by several things, like ill-fitting footwear and anything else that can cause friction on the skin of the foot.

There are various methods of removing corns and calluses at home, ranging from electric callus removers, pumice stones, rasps, liquid callus removers and corn pads.

So read all of the interesting Hub to find out which would be the best method of treating your corn or foot calluses at home

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