Monday, 4 October 2010

Benefits of Paraben Free Toiletries and Cosmetics.

So why is it a good idea to use paraben free cosmetics and toiletries? And what are parabens anyway? Well, parabens are chemicals used in cosmetics and foods as a preservative.  Parabens are derived from a chemical called benzoic acid  that are found in plants.  Because parabens are preservatives they are put into cosmetics and toiletries to improve their shelf life, which is a great benefit to the manufacturers and retailers. 

So what is the problem with parabens?  Parabens have been used for many years and been regarded as reasonably safe, but in recent years it has been suggested that parabens can be one of the contributing factors in the development of the disease cancer, especially parabens in anti-perspirant raising the risks of breast cancer.

To find out more about why parabens could be a danger in skin care products, read this informative article on the benefits of paraben free cosmetics and whether there are any natural alternatives to use as preservatives in cosmetics.

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